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General Policy

    1. No rough play!
    2. No tackles!
    3. Don't be a jerk!

    Cancellation Policy

      1. No shows might not be invited back!
      2. Give at least a 48 hour cancellation notice 
      3. Send emails to

      Rain Policy

      1. Drizzle during the game--we play!  
      2. Heavy rain up to game time--we play (turf field dries instantly)
      3. Heavy rain during the game--security will stop the game and full refunds will be issued

      Dress Code

      1. Turf shoes recommended--not required!
      2. Players must wear appropriate attire and gear for playing soccer
      3. Any color shirt--we provide colored pinnies
        Break the rules and your game might be over or not invited back!
        Thanks for being cool with our rules!